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Q&A med Zealand Pharma, 26 August kl 15.00 Læs mere her

Hansa Biopharma announces $70 million

104550 exitnu 18/7 2022 21:30

Hansa Biopharma announces $70 million non-dilutive product finance transaction with NovaQuest to support continued development of the company's antibody-cleaving enzyme technology platform

"Proceeds will be mainly utilized to:

Further strengthen the Company's position in kidney transplantation through the continued support of ongoing European commercial launch activities for Idefirix (imlifidase) and execution of the U.S. ConfIdeS trial of imlifidase, which is expected to support a potential Biologics License Application (BLA) submission to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the accelerated approval pathway in the first half of 2024. In addition, Hansa will advance the global Phase 3 clinical trial of imlifidase in anti-GBM antibody disease and ongoing clinical programs in other indications"

"“This transaction, which extends our cash runway through 2024, helps bolster our ability to invest in the continued development of our unique antibody-cleaving enzyme technology platform across multiple therapeutic areas,” said Donato Spota, Chief Financial Officer of Hansa Biopharma."

18/7 2022 21:36 Aps invest 8104551

Dejligt vi slipper for mere udvanding/emissioner og istedetfor afregner med (1 cifret) royalty af salget....Burde give et pænt løft imorgen, men lad so nu se :) $70 million in financing

Under the terms of the agreement, NovaQuest will provide Hansa with $70 million within 15 business days from the execution of the agreement. In return, Hansa will make quarterly mid single-digit royalty payments to NovaQuest on future worldwide annual net sales of imlifidase, commencing upon approval by the FDA of imlifidase in kidney transplantation or anti-GBM. In addition, Hansa will make certain milestone payments to NovaQuest upon FDA approval of imlifidase in kidney transplantation or anti-GBM. Total payments by Hansa to NovaQuest are $140 million. The agreement also provides for time-based catch-up payments within the payment cap if specified payment amounts have not been received by NovaQuest by specified dates, with the last potential catch-up payment due on December 31, 2028. In addition, the transaction includes customary diligence, governance, and information obligations as well as non-financial covenants. Hansa and NovaQuest have also entered into a security agreement to provide NovaQuest a customary security interest in and lien upon right, title and interest in certain of Hansa's assets and IP.

19/7 2022 10:02 Aps invest 3104563

Aktien er pænt shortet, så mon ikke nogen af dem begynder at lukke deres positioner. Mange shortere har nok "spillet" på mere udvanding og emissioner til MEGET lave priser, så den her finansiering "snyder" dem nok lidt. :)

19/7 2022 10:19 Aps invest 4104564

Amerikanerne køber pænt ind idag....
Goldman Sachs Bank Europe SE +42.615
J.P. Morgan AG +36.086
Morgan Stanley Europe SE +12.321
BofA Securities Europe SA +8.078

19/7 2022 20:59 Aps invest 5104578

Den finansiering tog godt nok røven på shorterne :) Shorterne havde nok sat næsen op efter finansiering gennem emission og billige aktier til omkring kurs 30-40....Men de fik travlt med at lukke shorts idag :) Tænker ikke kurs 100 er langt væk nu. Vi får se :) spændende selskab.

21/7 2022 17:25 Aps invest 1104633

Så er det bare at vente på kurs 75-80....så skal der suppleres for at få GAK ned. :)

22/7 2022 11:15 Aps invest 1104644

Så har den "sat" sig fra 105 til 85 og gevinsthjemtagningen begynder at klinge af. Det begynder snart at ligne et entry igen. For mit vedkommende bringer det min GAK lidt ned og så holder jeg den fremadrettet uanset den voldsomme volatilitet.

22/7 2022 11:22 Aps invest 1104645

Når Novaquest Capital Management er villig til at smide 70 mill $ i Hansa, så burde det ikke være helt skidt med fremtidsudsigterne. :)

25/7 2022 10:19 Aps invest 1104699

Købt lidt mere i 78...kunne ligne bunden heromkring 75-80 i denne omgang.

18/7 2022 21:36 exitnu 5104552

"Under the terms of the agreement, NovaQuest will provide Hansa with $70 million within 15 business days from the execution of the agreement."

Hvilket svarer til ca. DKK 513 millioner til dagens kurs :−)

Ekstraordinært godt :−)

19/7 2022 08:53 exitnu 0104560

Bør vist omregnes til svenske kroner: DKK 513 ~ SEK 726

18/7 2022 21:43 exitnu 3104554

"Investment Criteria

NovaQuest works directly with companies to help make their R&D pipelines a reality for patients and caregivers around the globe. We look to partner with seasoned teams of pharma operators focused on long term value creation, which have promising late-stage assets and unmet capital needs"


19/7 2022 08:20 exitnu 3104558

Hansa Biopharma half year report 2022,c3602880

• Continued solid sales in Q2

• Positive NICE recommendation obtained

• Completed enrollment in imlifidase Phase 2 program in AMR

• Peter Nicklin elected as new Chairman of the Board of Directors

19/7 2022 08:27 exitnu 3104559

"Continued solid sales in the second quarter with SEK 19.5m in product sales; total revenue amounted to SEK 26.4m."

Snuden i sporet: "H1 2024 - Kidney transplantation US: BLA submission" :−)

19/7 2022 09:43 exitnu 2104562

19/7 2022 11:30 exitnu 2104567

Husk CC idag kl. 14:00.

The webcast will be available on:

19/7 2022 17:31 exitnu 3104573

Pænt luk i kurs 79 med stor volumen. +40,95%.

En god dag på kontoret :−)

19/7 2022 17:33 Stroka 3104574

Også på mit kontor. Det må være bundvendingen vi har set. :−)

19/7 2022 20:44 exitnu 6104576

Hansa Biopharma Q2; Idefirix sales progress and secured funding to end 2024

19/7 2022 20:45 exitnu 5104577

Hansa Biopharma AB (publ) (HNSBF) CEO Søren Tulstrup on Q2 2022 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

Company Participants

Søren Tulstrup - CEO

Donato Spota - CFO

Conference Call Participants

Dominic Rose - Intron Health Research

Douglas Tsao - H.C. Wainwright

Zoe Karamanoli - RBC Capital Markets

Adam Karlsson - ABG Sundal Collier

Jacob Mekhael - Kempen & Co.

Johan Unnerus - Redeye

Christopher Uhde - SEB

20/7 2022 09:01 B.Andersen 4104587


"Emerging from the wilderness
With its cash position secured into H2/24 and sales of Idefirix now becoming more consistent, we are increasingly confident that Hansa has emerged from the heart of the wilderness. Clearly, there is work to be done on the salesfront, but with reimbursements continuing to develop positively, we believe there is rising clarity on near-term sales evolution. With potential triggersremaining in H2, we expect Hansa to outperform the market. Buy.

Building sales momentum and controlling the burn rate
Although not as high as Q1, Q2 sales of Idefirix reached SEK 19.5m, the next-bestquarter to date. Hansa continues to be disciplined in its cash burn rate at SEK -135.6m, with SG&A 18% below our estimates. Encouragingly, R&D costs were 16% higher than we forecast, implying healthy development activity. Set to gain momentum in H2/22 with upside from clinical data

In terms of the outlook for the rest of 2022, France, Switzerland, and the UK are likely to contribute meaningfully to top-line growth in H2, and centres that had transplanted their first patients are likely to start using Idefirix again, given that results appear to be consistent with published experience. Patients will not bring recurring revenue, but centres will, and this should only accelerate as the year comes to a close. The clinical programme remains on track, with the phase 2 AMR
trial due to read out in H2/22. We note a degree of optionality in that thisrandomised trial feasibly has the potential to be pivotal should the data be sufficiently compelling.

Lift target price to SEK 260 (230)
We raise our Idefirix estimates on the back of the sales beat, and update ourmodel to reflect the financing from NovaQuest. Accordingly, we raise our SOTP-rNPV-based target price to SEK 260 (230) and reiterate our Buy rating".

20/7 2022 09:11 B.Andersen 4104588




20/7 2022 10:14 joman18 3104595

Det kan shorterne ikke lide!

20/7 2022 13:27 exitnu 3104601

Penser Access: Snygg finansieringslösning - Hansa Biopharma

"Efter rapporten och den annonserade kapitalanskaffningen upprepar vi vårt fundamentala motiverade värde om 240-250 kronor per aktie. Vi bedömer att närmsta 12 månader kommer erbjuda flertalet triggers som kan minska värdegapet till vårt motiverade värde."

21/7 2022 08:16 exitnu 4104613

"PDT Partners LLC har rapporterat in en ökning av sin blankningsposition med +0.12% i Hansa Biopharma AB. Positionen uppgår till motsvarande -231 262 aktier (0,52% av kap.) per 2022-07-20."

21/7 2022 08:46 exitnu 4104615

Hansa Biopharma - Intervju Erik Penser Bank - 20 juli 2022

Erik Pensers analytiker Ludvig Svensson intervjuar Klaus Sindahl, IR på Hansa Biopharma, om bolaget rapport för det andra kvartalet samt den annonserade finansieringslösningen.