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Photocat secures repeat order in United Arab Emirates

112781 ProInvestorNEWS 24/5 2023 13:02

May 24th 2023 Photocat secures repeat order in United Arab Emirates

Photocat continues to expand its operation in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and
secures the second sales contract worth of 130,000 EUR with the Public Listed
group company 'Fujairah Building Industries PJSC'
Roskilde, Denmark. May 24, 2023 -

In continuation of Fujairah Concrete Products' (FCP) formal market
launch of the revolutionary Photocatalytic AQ Pavers in United Arab Emirates with Photocat A/S of Denmarkin order to remove dangerous NOx gasses and improve air quality, we are pleased to announce the second delivery contract of our proprietary photocatalytic NOxOFF catalyst. This delivery contract has a value of130,000 EUR.

In partnership with FCP, we are proud to announce the launch of the AQ Pavers with photocatalytic coating.

The pavers are designed to help reduce harmful pollutants like NOx, and VOC's in the air. NOx is 300 times
more dangerous than CO2 and has direct effect on the mental and physical health of human beings.

AQ Pavers with photocatalytic coating are the first of their kind in the Middle East and use advanced
technology to convert air pollutants like NOx into harmless substances. This makes them an ideal choice forenvironmentally conscious communities and governments. The pavers have already been supplied to Qidfa in Fujairah for the project by Emirates Council for Balanced Development which has been met with positive feedback from residents and government officials.

Eng. Naser Al Mulla, GM of FCP says, "We are excited to bring AQ Pavers with photocatalytic coating to the market, and to see the positive impact they are already having in communities like Qidfa. Our goal is to provide innovative paving solutions that not only look good, but also help make the world a cleaner and healthier place."

CBO Jesper Elsgaard says, "We are very proud to further expand our partnership with such large and established concrete producer in the UAE. Continuously providing our proprietary photocatalytic solution to designated air cleaning projects via Fujairah Concrete Products further emphasizes our expanded strategic engagements in the wider Gulf Cooperation Council Region (GCC). We feel very privileged to be an active part of these critical NOx air cleaning projects in the GCC region. Once again, I want to thank Fujairah Concrete Products for their vision, outlook and true professionalism and expect to further grow our long-term
partnership for these air cleaning initiatives in the Region".

The Head of the Consulate General, Ambassador Lars Steen Nielsen says, "It is a global responsibility to take action towards reducing the harmful effects of NOx pollution on our health and environment, and it is an agenda Denmark takes seriously. According to data from WHO, the combined effects of ambient outdoor air pollution is associated with around 4,2 million premature deaths annually, and only 1% of the world's population lives in areas that meet the air quality guidelines set by the WHO. Denmark has a five decades-
long tradition of dedicating efforts to regulate air pollution through innovative solutions and regulative frameworks. Such global challenge requires global solutions, and we're pleased to see a Danish-Emirati,collaboration joining hands towards a cleaner, healthier and more vibrant environment for ourselves and generations to come. It all starts at the implementation of solutions addressing the pollution issues, and the Royal Danish Consulate General in Dubai is pleased to be a contributor in close collaboration with Danish companies such as Photocat".

WHO recently made it clear that air quality threshold values need to be lowered in order to save more lives and give more life quality to inhabitants. In UAE, the current NO2 pollution level is on average 6 times above the WHO recommended threshold. Photocat believes that its Technology powered by UV/sun light will be one of the most energy efficient air quality improvers in the GCC region and also very cost efficient with fast Return on Investments.
Photocat A/S is obliged to make this information public in accordance with the EU Market Abuse Regulation.

The information was submitted for publication, through the Agency of the contact person set out below at
08:30 on May 24, 2023.

For further information, please contact:
Jesper Elsgaard
Chief Business Officer
Photocat A/S
Tel: +45 5121 7651

About Fujairah Concrete Products
FCP is a leading provider of innovative paving solutions. With a commitment to quality, innovation, andsustainability, FCP is dedicated to helping communities and governments create beautiful and healthy outdoor spaces. For more information, visit

About Photocat
Photocat manufactures patented coating materials for both outdoor and indoor applications with the effect to degrade NOx and VOC ́s when exposed to light. Both NOx and VOC's are severely damaging to human health. Photocat's patented technology is a very efficient and an economically viable alternative to many of the traditional technologies targeting NOx (e.g. bus catalysts, flue gas cleaning etc.). Photocat's shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, First North with the ticker symbol PCAT. The company's Certified Advisor is

Mangold Fondkommission AB.
Photocat A/S (publ) l Langebjerg 4 DK-4000 Roskilde l Tel: +45 7022 5055 l

Photocat A/S har en betalt digital IR-aftale med

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