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COVID19 - guidance/outlook

83451 tommycarstensen 1/4 2020 07:46

Jeg kigger loebende paa aendret guidance/outlook fra virksomheder i flere forskellige sektorer. Her et lille udpluk. Maaske er det relevant for nogle af jer. Det er i hvert fald interessant for mig. Jeg kan ogsaa anbefale at laese de transkriberede tele-konferencer igennem paa SA. Det giver lidt foeling med konsekvenserne af nedlukning pga virus. Her for eksempel General Mills ($GIS):
General Mills, Inc. (GIS) CEO Jeff Harmening on Q3 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

McCormick previously issued its fiscal 2020 guidance on January 28, 2020, which did not include the impact of COVID-19. Due to the rapidly evolving situation and the high degree of uncertainty relating to the impacts of COVID-19, including on consumer demand across all channels and the global economy, the company is withdrawing its fiscal 2020 guidance.

Darden Restaurants Reports Fiscal 2020 Third Quarter Results;
Suspends Quarterly Dividend;
Withdraws its Full Year Financial Outlook For Fiscal 2020;
And Comments On Other Liquidity Matters
The Company is withdrawing its full year financial outlook for fiscal 2020. For the fourth quarter to date through Sunday, March 15, Darden same-restaurant sales declined -5.9%. Same-restaurant sales were +3.0%, -0.2%, and -20.6% for the first three weeks of the quarter, respectively. During the investor conference call, the Company will provide fiscal fourth quarter trends by fiscal week for each of its reporting segments.

Cintas Corporation Announces
Fiscal 2020 Third Quarter Results
Mr. Farmer concluded, "A week ago, we were expecting today to raise revenue and EPS guidance based upon our fourth quarter outlook. However, much has changed in the past week as our country and others continue to respond to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Due to the uncertainty, including the severity and duration of the pandemic, we are not providing guidance for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2020 at this time and withdrawing our full fiscal year guidance. Although our visibility to near-term financial results is currently diminished, we remain focused on the safety and well-being of our employee-partners and the care of our customers."

The impact that the COVID-19 pandemic will have on the Company's fiscal 2020 consolidated results of operations is uncertain. The dynamic nature of the current situation makes it challenging for management to estimate future performance of the businesses, particularly over the near term.

To-date in the fourth quarter, the Company has seen significantly increased demand in its retail business. The Company has also started to see reduced demand for its foodservice products and expects a 50-60% decline in Foodservice organic net sales in the fourth quarter. The Company's supply chain has effectively serviced demand to-date.

As shown in the table below, the Company now expects to exceed prior full-year guidance for total-company sales and profit metrics, assuming the end-to-end supply chain continues to operate effectively.

Note that organic net sales growth excludes the impact of fiscal 2020's 53rd week. All other metrics include the impact of the 53rd week.

The inability to predict the amount and timing of the impacts of foreign exchange, acquisitions, divestitures, and other items impacting comparability makes a detailed reconciliation of forward-looking non-GAAP financial measures impracticable. Please see the end of this release for more information.

The Company's guidance does not include assumptions for any impact related to Coronavirus.

Paychex, Inc. Reports Third Quarter Results
Our outlook for the fiscal year ending May 31, 2020 ("fiscal 2020") incorporates known and some estimated impacts related to the COVID-19 virus, including the most recent reductions in the Federal Funds rate. The impact from the rapidly changing market and economic conditions due to COVID-19 is uncertain and could impact our results of operations and financial condition in the future. That impact could alter our guidance, which is currently as follows:
· Management Solutions revenue is anticipated to grow approximately 4%;
· PEO and Insurance Solutions revenue is anticipated to grow approximately 24%;
· Interest on funds held for clients is anticipated to decline in the range of 2% to 3%;
· Total revenue is anticipated to grow in the range of 8% to 9%;
· Operating margin is anticipated to be approximately 36%;
· EBITDA margin(1) for the full year fiscal 2020 is anticipated to be approximately 41%;
· Other expense, net is anticipated to be in the range of $22 million to $24 million;
· The effective income tax rate for fiscal 2020 is expected to be in the range of 23.5% to 24.0%;
· Net income and diluted earnings per share are expected to grow approximately 7%; and
· Adjusted net income(1) and adjusted diluted earnings per share(1) are expected to grow approximately 6%.

"Micron delivered solid second quarter results and revenue at the high end of the guidance range, despite the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic," said Micron Technology President and CEO Sanjay Mehrotra. "I am grateful to our team ​for the excellent business execution we have achieved during this unprecedented situation. Their resilience, together with Micron's technology leadership, stronger product portfolio, and healthy balance sheet, give us confidence that we will emerge from this challenging time well-positioned to capture the robust long-term demand opportunities for memory and storage."

Dollar General Corporation Reports Strong Fourth Quarter 2019 Financial Results
Delivers 30th Consecutive Year of Same-Store Sales Growth
Provides Financial Guidance for Fiscal Year 2020
For the 52-week fiscal year ending January 29, 2021 ("fiscal year 2020"), the Company expects the following:

Net sales growth of 7.5% to 8.0%
Same-store sales growth of 2.5% to 3.0%
Diluted EPS growth of approximately 11.5%
Diluted EPS growth of approximately 10.0% compared to fiscal year 2019 adjusted diluted EPS, which excludes the impact of the Significant Legal Expenses3
Diluted EPS assumes an effective tax rate within the range of 22.0% to 22.5%
Share repurchases of approximately $1.15 billion
Capital expenditures in the range of $925 million to $975 million, including those related to investments in the Company's strategic initiatives
The diluted EPS growth guidance outlined above includes the anticipated impact of previously implemented tariff rates on certain products imported from China. The guidance does not contemplate any additional increases in tariff rates, any expansion of additional products subject to tariffs, or any tariff-related impacts to broader consumer spending.

Based on information currently known by management, the Company does not anticipate that supply chain disruptions experienced to date as a result of the coronavirus outbreak are likely to have a material impact on its fiscal 2020 financial results. However, the Company continues to monitor this evolving situation, and there is no guarantee that this outbreak will not have a more significant impact on its business.

The Company is also reiterating its plans to execute approximately 2,600 real estate projects in fiscal year 2020, including 1,000 new store openings, 1,500 mature store remodels, and 80 store relocations.

Accenture Reports Very Strong Second-Quarter Fiscal 2020 Results
The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis is rapidly evolving and has created a significant amount of uncertainty. Accenture's third-quarter and full-year 2020 business outlook reflects its assumptions, as of today, regarding the potential effect of the coronavirus pandemic. The extent to which this impacts Accenture's business, operations, and financial results, including the duration and magnitude of such impact, will depend on numerous factors that the company may not be able to accurately predict, including those discussed in the Risk Factors set forth in Accenture's Annual Report on Form 10-K and second quarter Form 10-Q filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Third Quarter Fiscal 2020

Accenture expects revenues for the third quarter of fiscal 2020 to be in the range of $10.75 billion to $11.15 billion, or negative 2% to positive 2% growth in local currency, reflecting the company's assumption of a negative 1.5% foreign-exchange impact compared with the third quarter of fiscal 2019.

Fiscal Year 2020

Accenture's business outlook for the full 2020 fiscal year now assumes that the foreign-exchange impact on its results in U.S. dollars will be negative 1.5% compared with fiscal 2019. The company previously had assumed a negative 1% foreign-exchange impact.

For fiscal 2020, the company now expects revenue growth to be in the range of 3% to 6% in local currency, compared with 6% to 8% previously.

Accenture now expects operating margin for the full fiscal year to be in the range of 14.7% to 14.8%, an expansion of 10 to 20 basis points from fiscal 2019. The company previously expected operating margin to expand 10 to 30 basis points.

The company continues to expect its annual effective tax rate to be in the range of 23.5% to 25.5%.

The company now expects diluted EPS to be in the range of $7.48 to $7.70, compared with $7.66 to $7.84 previously.

For fiscal 2020, the company now expects operating cash flow to be in the range of $6.15 billion to $6.65 billion, compared with $6.35 billion to $6.75 billion previously; continues to expect property and equipment additions to be $650 million; and now expects free cash flow to be in the range of $5.5 billion to $6.0 billion, compared with $5.7 billion to $6.1 billion previously.

The impact of the recent COVID-19 virus outbreak on the company's full-year fiscal 2020 results is still uncertain. The company's current outlook incorporates increased orders from retail customers in North America and Europe subsequent to the end of the third quarter in response to increased consumer demand for food at home, as well as headwinds in Häagen-Dazs shops and other foodservice channels resulting from lower consumer traffic. The most significant element of uncertainty in the company's full-year outlook is the intensity and duration of increased demand for food at home across all its major markets. Additionally, the company's outlook assumes its supply chain continues to operate with minimal disruption for the remainder of fiscal 2020.

Based on its year-to-date performance and fourth-quarter expectations, General Mills updated its full-year fiscal 2020 targets:

• Organic net sales are still expected to increase 1 to 2 percent. The combination of currency translation, the impact of divestitures executed in fiscal 2019, and contributions from the 53rd week in fiscal 2020 are expected to increase reported net sales by approximately 1 percentage point.

• Constant-currency adjusted operating profit is now expected to increase 4 to 6 percent from the base of $2.86 billion reported in fiscal 2019, which is ahead of the previous range of 2 to 4 percent growth. The primary drivers of the increased outlook for constant-currency adjusted operating profit are increased Holistic Margin Management productivity savings, a modest reduction in the outlook for input cost inflation, and continued tight control over administrative expenses. The benefit of the extra fiscal week is being reinvested in capabilities and brand-building initiatives to drive improvement in the company's organic sales growth rate in 2020 and beyond.

• Constant-currency adjusted diluted EPS are now expected to increase 6 to 8 percent from the base of $3.22 earned in fiscal 2019, which is ahead of the previous range of 3 to 5 percent growth. The primary drivers of the increased outlook for constant-currency adjusted diluted EPS are the increased forecast for constant-currency adjusted operating profit and a reduced expectation for full-year net interest expense.

• The company continues to expect free cash flow conversion of at least 105 percent of adjusted after-tax earnings.

• Currency translation is expected to have an immaterial impact on fiscal 2020 adjusted operating profit and adjusted diluted EPS.

FedEx Corp. Reports Third Quarter Results
Fiscal 2020 Outlook Suspended Due to COVID-19 Uncertainty

At this time, given the high-degree of uncertainty around any potential negative financial impacts from COVID-19, Baxter is not providing guidance for full-year 2020. The company expects to provide an update in its first quarter 2020 earnings announcement on April 30, 2020.

"Due to the evolving coronavirus situation, we are facing a period of uncertainty regarding the potential impact on both our supply chain and customer demand," said Sonia Syngal. "During our 50-year history, Gap, Inc. has weathered many storms. We will benefit from our strong balance sheet and cash generation as well as our important vendor relationships during this current challenging period. We are focusing on decisive actions that will ensure we emerge well positioned to compete in the years ahead, and I am impressed by how diligently the teams have navigated the events of the past weeks."

Broadcom Inc. Announces First Quarter Fiscal Year 2020 Financial Results, Quarterly Dividend and Updated Guidance
Providing quarterly guidance, and withdrawing prior annual guidance, in light of uncertainties arising from the effects of COVID-19

5/4 2020 12:13 Hyst 083630

Måske skulle man se på virksomheder der producerer Ecmo maskiner - det ser ud til at den høje mortalitet i Italien skyldes at de kun har få Ecmo maskiner i deres ICU units, mens de udbredt forefindes i Tyskland; - formodentlig også i DK?