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Gomspace har fortsat en stærk udsigt til vækst...!

92573 Pappano 8/4 2021 07:33

CEO Niels Buus bekræftede i går på et investorseminar, at Gomspace fortsat har en stærk udsigt til vækst.

Rapport og analyse:

"Growth outlook intact, as company balance COVID impact

Today, GomSpace participated in our virtual Danish Small/Mid cap seminar in Copenhagen, represented by group CEO Niels Buus. During his presentation, Niels reaffirmed the fact that they continue to see great traction within the "new space" segment and reaffirmed their strong outlook on the potential future growth within the industry.

He furthermore confirmed that their growth outlook for FY'21 continues to stand, with GomSpace having been able to balance and navigate the impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic (e.g. lock-downs in their key markets), this means that for the past year, they have been able to complete all the projects, as originally planned.

Focus on increasing revenues from ESA

With many countries having a national interest in improving their space footprint and preferably having it developed internally, setting up subsidiaries abroad is a key growth criteria for GomSpace, to secure access to national orders.

Furthermore, with GomSpace still being heavily dependent on the European Space Agency (ESA), in terms of revenue and technology generation, it is very positive to hear the CEO confirm that they are actively looking at setting up new subsidiaries in the EU. This will mean that GomSpace will be able to increasingly access national orders and the carousal payments made by the ESA, as the ESA places orders in EU countries, based on that country's payment to the ESA.

Maturing of the nanosatellite business is on track

Overall, it was a positive presentation supporting the case. With the CEO confirming that the company has moves past the operational hick-up in 2019 and are now progressing and gaining traction in maturing the nanosatellite business (also supported by other key industry players). This means that GomSpace is now well on track, to reap some of the opportunities, the growth within the "new space" is bringing".

7. april 2021

8/4 2021 08:29 Pappano 392575

"Den danske satellitproducent GomSpace er favorit til at få opgaven med at bygge de første tre små satellitter i en europæisk klimamission til et trecifret millionbeløb".

Ultimo marts d.å.

9/4 2021 10:44 Pappano 192594

Gomspace udvider p.t. medarbejderstaben

9/4 2021 10:55 Makingmoney 192595

Gomspace tak for dine opdateringer. Jeg har rigeligt at se til i mine bioteks


9/4 2021 11:13 Pappano 192598

De seneste opdateringer og nyheder fra Gomspace tyder med stor sandsynlighed på, at der er positive nyheder under "opsejling".

Jeg ejer ikke selv aktien p.t., men overvejer et snarligt genkøb. Har tidligere haft Gomspace aktien i flere omgange.