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95310 FitInvestmentIdeas 21/7 2021 14:03

I am very bullish on Linkfire. There are multiple catalysts in the next three months that should double the share price over that time horizon. Linkfire has the potential to be ten times higher over the next 3-5 years. Not many companies can achieve that.

There are many music streaming companies, but only one company services all majors. Linkfire has 70% market share in the novel product.

Linkfire has been growing revenues 50-70% CAGR. The growth is accelerating with penetration into new segments. The gross margin is stable at 76%.

Linkfire is negotiating on purchasing the second largest company to strengthen its position.

I am very bullish on Biovica. They have a novel breast cancer test and they are awaiting FDA approval this quarter. They have 30 studies from the most reputable US and European hospitals (Jo Hopkins, Cleveland clinics...) that the test works. It saves lives and money. The strength of the studies minimizes the risk. The company has build relationships with the hospitals, labs, and opinion leaders, so they will start selling the test right after the approval - everything is ready for commercialization. As we will get closer to the end of Q3, the share price performance should accelerate. It did for Xbrane and it does for many other pharma companies in a similar situation. I am a long Biovica.

I am very bullish on Quantafuel. I wrote several times here about the company. They have the partners, the vision, and the first-mover advantage to become a global leader in plastic recycling. Based on my talks with the management I believe they will announce the proof of concept with one or two months. I believe this should be a major catalyst for the stock. I also understand that after reaching the milestone they should apply for the main listing in Norway, which would significantly increase their investor universe. Once they do proof of concept there should be a string of material catalysts. I believe it is a good candidate for doubling this quarter after they reach the proof of concept. I think the major share price growth will happen in Q4 once they start operating the plant in full. Investment thesis below: